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Have you wondered, what’s all the fuss about aura reading? Do you think you might have “The Gift”?

Well, I designed this five-lesson workshop to answer common questions like these, and more. In an honest way!

Fact is, many people today are confused about all the contradictory ideas out there regarding auras. As a leader in this field, I wanted to set the record straight. So I designed this free introductory workshop.

What's Included?

Thought-provoking ideas you’ll find here are decidedly not mainstream. Yet they have been tested with thousands of my students internationally. Come and broaden your understanding!

What if you already know all this, and you’re raring to get into a full workshop? Take this intro anyway. It’s not just fluff. Actually, you might take this intro just to celebrate how much you already know.

By the time you complete that final quiz you will graduate… and be eligible to start the most systematic and enjoyable training I’ve given yet, helping you move into Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

For all you who are reading this, welcome! This workshop is a prerequisite to further study with me about RES skills of Energy READING.

So come and get comfortable with this user-friendly workshop technology… and decide if I’m a good fit as a teacher for you.

What Else You’ll Find

Each of the five lessons includes a sound recording. Plus you’ll be given a quiz or assignment to help you complete each lesson.

Other workshops in this series are more sophisticated, including a generous supply of handouts and worksheets. Often a lesson will contain multiple recordings.

Altogether, you’ll find an easy-to-learn approach. So you can have fun while learning quality skills from the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

Where do you start learning skills that can make a life-changing difference?

Right here.


Lesson 01. Yes, You Can Learn Energetic Literacy.

Includes 1 sound recording. Total listening time is 15 minutes.

Lesson 02. What IS Your Aura?

Includes 1 sound recording. Total listening time is 11 minutes.

Quiz: What Your Aura Is And Isn’t.

Lesson 03. Literacy, Not a Psychic Reading

Includes 1 sound recording. Total listening time is 10 minutes.

Quiz: What Can You Learn from Joe’s Aura?

Lesson 04. Five Practical Ways to Use Aura Reading

Includes 2 sound recordings. Total listening time is 38 minutes.

Quiz: Five Ways to Use Energetic Literacy

Lesson 05. Complete Your Intro to Energetic Literacy

Includes 1 sound recording. Total listening time is 18 minutes.

Quiz: Graduation Quiz

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