How can you learn skills for the future… today?

Have you seen a four-year-old lately, using a mobile phone? Nothing could be easier. And isn’t that a world of difference! Compare today’s digital natives with those of us who struggled, back in the day, to use any kind of flip phone.

Technology has been advancing. Well, so have changes to how we can use our consciousness. Except that everybody knows about the changes to technology, while precious few people have a clue about today’s possibilities for using our consciousness for living well NOW.

Figuring out how to teach you this was a big challenge for me, your teacher. But if I’ve done my job right, you’ll find this workshop as easy as eating your favorite dessert. And a lot more productive, actually.

Human results are the point of living The New Strong. Taking workshops in this collection, you can expect improvements to your everyday life, like landing a better job, or getting a raise, or improving your relationships or even — for quite a few people who took my live workshop on The New Strong — moving into Enlightenment!

Improvement to your life, related to very personal problems that are up for you right now… That’s what matters. Personally, I believe that gaining human-type results is the main point of this whole set of online workshops, The New Strong Collection.

Yet some of what you’re learning isn’t just ahead of its time. Unless taught properly, these discoveries could seem very abstract.

But I don’t think that will happen to you. Ha ha!

Because I’ve worked very hard, for years, to find ways to communicate this leading-edge knowledge in a way that makes it fun to learn step by step. New ideas and skills, authentically new. And so vital for living your full potential RIGHT NOW!

What's Included?

The New Strong 101 will teach you a unique Program for Easy Vibrational Balance. Step-by-step, you’ll develop understandings that are shockingly different from what others are doing.

Here are some of the key discoveries you can expect to make:

  1. How to tell the difference between Energy Talk versus productive human conversation.
  2. Understanding better why so many people fall into Energy Talk and never notice.
  3. Why the big event of The Shift was so easy for the experts to miss. (Unless they knew what you’ll learn in this workshop.)
  4. How ridiculous — and unproductive — it is to think in terms of “Raising your vibrations.”
  5. What it means to position your consciousness.
  6. And easy ways to do just that.
  7. Upgrading your relationship to planet Earth. Effortlessly. Significantly.
  8. Improving your “Vibrational positioning in everyday life.”
  9. How to be a better friend — a better human-type friend.
  10. What are you going to do with all that free time? (Meaning: The hours every day that you used to spend spinning your wheels, before adjusting well to today’s new vibrational freedom.)

Living The New Strong

That’s what this workshop is for. So each of the 10 lessons includes at least one audio lecture. Or a video lecture. Or both.

Also included are thought-provoking handouts and worksheets.

Plus you’ll be given a quiz or assignment to help you complete each lesson.

You’ll learn the basics for my Program for Easy Vibrational Balance. Otherwise changing very little about your life, you’ll start living The New Strong.

Learning these powerful skills for this Age of Awakening — thanks to this course, it turns out to be easy.

Learn on Demand

On demand — that’s the style for learning. You’ll be able to pace the material as you like. Each lesson is packed with info.

Maybe you’ll gobble it all up in one sitting. But the beauty of this online workshop is that you don’t have to.

Take breaks whenever you wish. Up to you. Likewise, repeat any lesson as often as you wish!

This on-demand series of workshops will bring you all the freedom and flexibility you could ask for.

Yet this is hardly some cute little workshop that uses appealing words to put you in a good mood for a while and, beyond that, doesn’t bring true results.

Granted, my students DO tend to feel good and enjoy the learning process. Just that they gain more than a temporary mood. Taking this online workshop, you’ll find real content, definite skills, and a highly systematic sequence to help you succeed.

Why settle for limited learning? These skills can bring you amazing results, on your terms.

Thanks to the on-demand format available now, you can get those personal results on your own personal schedule.

Enjoy the Forum, Too

Yes, I built in a Support Forum, too. Included automatically.

Thanks to this Forum, there’s a place to go after every single lesson. That way, you can ask any questions about that lesson and also share your success stories.

I’ll bet you also enjoy meeting your fellow students. And interacting with me, your teacher.

Participation in this Forum is included in your tuition. No renewal fees over the years. No hidden costs.

Just how long do you have to wait to participate in the Forum?

Right after you complete your first lesson.

I think you’ll find that this Forum is a gift that keeps on giving.

Providing that Forum matters to me. How come? Because I’m doing all I reasonably can to make this a quality experience for you.

So come find community here. Sign up, start learning, and get involved!

Module Breakdown

14 Audio Lectures (4 Hours), 6 Videos, 22 Worksheets & Handouts

01. Blind to History? Not Any More.

Includes 1 video lecture. Total listening time is 8 minutes.

Quiz: YOUR Sense of History.

02. Better than Blah-Blah-Blah

Includes 1 sound lecture. Total listening time is 17 minutes.

1 handout and 1 worksheet

Quiz: Energy Talk at the Oscars

03. What DID Happen?  

Includes 1 video lecture. Total listening time is 7 minutes.

Includes 1 sound lecture. Total listening time is 32 minutes.

5 handouts

Quiz: Share Your Thoughts About What Changed

04. Why Did So Many Experts Miss This?

Includes 1 sound lecture. Total listening time is 24 minutes.

1 worksheet

Quiz: Problems, Problems, Problems.

05. Set Personal Goals

Includes 1 video lecture. Total listening time is 16 minutes.

1 handout

Quiz: 7 Ways to Pretty Much Ruin Your Life.

06 Learn to Position Your Consciousness

Includes 1 sound lecture. Total listening time is 25 minutes.

1 worksheet

Quiz: What have you done to “Ground” Yourself  Lately.

07. Your Program for Easy Vibrational Balance

Includes 3 sound lectures. Total listening time is 56 minutes.

2 worksheets

Assignment: Technique Time

08. Hey, Mom, I’m Home

Includes 3 sound lectures. Total listening time is 45 minutes.

2 handouts and 1 worksheet

Quiz: Fun That You Can Only Have on Earth

09. Your Place in Human History

Includes 2 video lectures. Total listening time is 14 minutes.

Quiz: Vibrational Positioning in Everyday Life

10. Graduate into Living The New Strong

1 audio lecture. Total listening time is 15 min.

1 handout and one worksheet.

Graduation Assignment: Do It! Your Program for Easy Vibrational Balance

The New Strong — Free Intro

Does it frustrate you, so many people are spaced out or constantly talking about energies? Why, and what’s causing so many perfectly normal people you know… to stop acting normal at all?

Even worse, you may be struggling to some degree.

Well, here’s an idea… an idea that’s part of a SOLUTION. What if we’re living in a different age now, an Age of Awakening? And it has some different rules for success. Rules that folks don’t know about, and so those new rules are constantly being broken.

I can teach you those new rules. Implementing them isn’t hard, once you know what to do. Same with all the skills in my Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.

But there’s a bit I need to teach you first, and that’s why I’ve developed The New Strong — Free Intro.

Click on the button below to learn more.

Ready For The Full Program?

Enroll Now For Only $195

Refund Policy: Because this workshop comes with a free online sample workshop,
there are no refunds on tuition for this online workshop.

Praise from Students and Clients

“While finishing The New Strong, I laughed when you had the final technique/gift for your readers. It perfectly summed up the whole book. I laughed because you lead us into this expansive feeling of the divine and then wake us up back to human reality. It was like a version of the awakening slap in Zen Buddhism. Haha.”

“What a tremendous influence you have made on my life!

“I first saw your face reading demonstration at a Pathways Expo in 2009. Then, I purchased The Power of Face Reading, which was so fun and fascinating. Then, I read Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment. 

“In fact, Rose, you have saved my life! More than once!

“First, learning how to become a skilled empath completely changed my life and helped me to become me. I read and re-read that book multiple times. Then second, yesterday, I would say you saved my life again! I had completely slipped into a fog of spiritual addiction without realizing it. Now I understand how to come back to being myself- human. Thank you for helping me to live in the present and let it be natural!

— An empath in Connecticut”

“All of your guidance about music and practicing was invaluable! Most of all, Rose, you made the session so fun and inspiring. I loved your clarity and humor!”

“When I first started with Rose, I could be compared to a walking zombie, felt miserable and powerless to change my life. I was numb, always reading spiritual blogs, not paying attention to my body, my relationships or my career. I thought all my problems were because I was “ thinking negative thoughts” and thus tried to solve life problems subjectively. Looking back, people were probably thinking “ is there anyone there!!!

“After having several healing sessions with Rose ( and paying more attention to my environment!), I am now more present, notice things in objective reality more, am learning how to use my words/speech and action to get what I want. I have started to move forward in my career (even had a leadership position!), notice how I am treated in relationships, enjoy my own company, and am enjoying human life more.”

  • A psychiatrist from the U.S.

“Self-deception is a big — maybe the biggest — problem on this path! Your method is a miracle! Thank you.”

“I’m speechless ………. No really ….. some of the things you mention below are SO true …. WOW …. I’m so glad you did the reading for me ….. it seems there are parts of me even I don’t understand yet! You will definitely be seeing more and more of me in the forums as I pick up more and more skills / learn to use my skills more, etc. Thanks again.”


A unique system for personal growth, because new skills are needed since the Shift into The Age of Awakening. (This occurred, with zero fanfare, on Dec. 21, 2012.) Authentically new approaches are needed for this different time on earth and, at this time, I don’t think you’ll find anyone else who is offering what you’ll get here.

You gain clarity about what has — and hasn’t — changed with that Shift. Then, step by step, you’re given tools to start living as a more integrated, effective person. Included are a Program for Easy Vibrational Balance; discovering 7 New Rules that replace old ways of gaining success; consciousness-related skills that help you to thrive; and also self-healing skills — because some new energetic problems that are related to the Shift, and these easy skills can help you to solve them.

Several distinctive skill sets, that I use with clients internationally, especially Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, Empath Empowerment®, Vibrational Re-Positioning®, Soul Thrill™ Aura Research, Consciousness Positioning Consults™, and Spiritual Path Consults™. Basically, I’ve had a front-row seat to view which changes really have happened worldwide.

Not exactly. I insist upon co-creating with God or other Divine Beings like Jesus, Buddha, and Archangel Michael. (Your choice.) Why does this matters? Before The Age of Awakening, folks could get away with being vague about how their work was sourced, like “higher energies.” Living today, it protects you to work with Divine help, and this is one of the skills I’ll teach you to do in The New Strong Collection of workshops

Just about everything. Frankly, the very idea of “raising your vibrations” is proof of not clearly understanding what has changed since 2012. Trying to raise your vibrations was an appealing idea… before the Shift. Sadly, it doesn’t work now. In fact, it’s counter-productive. In this workshop, you’ll learn why. Plus what works better.

Definitely. Did you know? There’s way more to learn, by way of knowledge and skills, than discovering that you’re energy sensitive. Being sensitive, you’ll really appreciate the difference that comes from living The New Strong.

Both provide systematic instruction, and practical knowledge you won’t find elsewhere. But the on-demand workshops are highly interactive.  Containing much that didn’t fit in the paperback.

Start with the Free Intro.  If you feel like we’re a good fit, take one level of Online Workshop after another. Your skills and knowledge will build.

Even that very first workshop, The New Strong 101., can wake you up to a better life. At the time of releasing this 101 workshop, I’m brimming with enthusiasm over developing more advanced levels. Trust me, I’ll create them as soon as I can, after first completing each first-level workshop for all of the main RES specialties now.

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