With Every Online Workshop

  • Systematic instruction. Many hours of lessons are included in this depth workshop.
  • Chunks. Information will be chunked into manageable amounts of new information. The goal is to help you learn most comfortably and confidently.
  • Videos. Usually these are shot during a live workshop.
  • Audio recordings. Rose makes these available to supplement your learning.
  • Handouts. These summarize the distinctive knowledge and skills in an RES workshop.
  • Worksheets. Each of these is designed to help you own the material.
  • Quizzes and assignments. Team up with these interactive resources (and Rose), to make your knowledge more lively.
  • Support. As a graduate of this workshop, you will be eligible for Rose Rosetree’s regular support calls, live. There you can ask any question that is appropriate to the workshop you’ve taken.
  • Advanced Learning. The skills of RES go wide and deep — with so many practical applications and great depth of knowledge. Rose is doing her best to make additional online workshops available.
  • Helping. What if you’re interested in using RES skills to help family and friends? That’s different from using the skills to help yourself, right? Benefit from Rose’s experience, teaching for decades and supporting students in many parts of the world. Dedicated advanced workshops are available or being made available (like this workshop).

Through this on-demand technology, Rose can give you the benefit of detailed knowledge, clarity of understanding, and effective skills. With that combo, you can help other people in a responsible manner.

Maybe you’re even interested in becoming an RES practitioner, so you can help clients and earn extra income. That’s smart. Demand for professionals is growing, and Rose does a lot to support RES experts. Some work part time, others are making a full-time career in RES.

Certain workshops are required if you’d like to apply to the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. To learn more about the current requirements to become an RES apprentice, check at the Rose’s website,

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